I am a student at Savanna Oaks Middle School and I would like to recognize the Verona Public Library for their outstanding service to my school for a reading and writing project we did. The VPL introduced us to a reading app that helped us discover many different types of books. The women who visited were very friendly and helped me understand how to use the app. The VPL also made library cards for almost all the 200 students in my grade and also helped update old cards. They were very patient throughout the whole process and they were very clear and smooth to work with. The VPL impacted me personally because not only did they introduce me to an app that will help advance and develop my topic, but I also really like the app they had and they showed me different ways to read by what I prefer. Overall, I thank the Verona Public Library for all they did for my school and hope they acknowledge how much they helped me and all my classmates uncover important information about our topics.


Reese Manning


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