I want to applaud Jo Ann Lindberg’s column (“We should all practice self care and make it an adventure,” Oct. 17). I, too, am an active person and when I badly injured my knee hiking in the mountains last year I decided against traditional medical care. Instead, I turned to warm water pool therapy.

A friend, Steve Stocker, who teaches aqua classes to older adults at the Diventures warm water pool in Sun Prairie, showed me a series of progressively more difficult aqua exercises, and within six to seven weeks my knee was healed. After that, I decided to work with a certified personal trainer, Mike Gorski of Verona, who taught me in 10 subsequent sessions what I needed to do to build strength, improve my balance, get a good cardio workout and maintain a strong core.

I incorporated everything I learned from both Steve and Mike, and today I exercise eight to ten hours each week. I combine aqua exercises with strength training classes, balance exercises, and both cardio and core work. I recently turned 70 and when I look around me I see many women my age who have developed serious health problems. A common denominator among many of them is that they don’t regularly exercise and fail to eat a healthy diet.

As for me, I am on no prescription meds, am at my ideal weight, and am the strongest I have ever been. I want to encourage anyone reading this to incorporate regular exercise into your life — you are never too old — and not wait until you become ill or are injured to make exercise your highest priority.

Barbara Mulhern

Town of Montrose