Now that the impeachment show trial has ended, what lies ahead for our nation? For those that promote peace, fairness and justice, things just got a whole lot worse.

We now have a President that has absolute powers. The Senate party in power chose party loyalty over the greater good of the citizens they represent. We have no democracy. Democracy in any real sense is dead. That’s not fake news.

Sure, we’ll have campaigns and ads and commercials that tell us what we want to hear . There will be voting places and all good talk about how “ the system works.” The system is a fraud.

When people are not allowed to vote, when districts are drawn so that a party with less support gets more power, then the system is a fraud. When billions of dollars are spent by corporations in an election, then the system is a fraud.

Our democracy is a fraud. We have people in power right now that want to turn our nation into a Christian Authoritarian Theocracy. Where the rights of minorities, women, gays, lesbians and any other “non-Christian,” “non-white” person will be a second class citizen. We are approaching it quickly.

And not only do these people want to dictate who you should worship and who you should love, but they feel it is their right to plunder what’s left of our planet.

Our planet is dying. The people in charge believe it is their destiny to drill for more oil, make more pollution, kill more species. All in the name of the Almighty. Their greed and hypocrisy is stunning.

What can those that care about life after we are gone? Be kind to each other. Resist injustice wherever it is. Be good to the environment. Call out falsehoods for what they are and always let truth guide you.

Authoritarian leaders count on a passive citizenry. Now is not the time to be passive about any of this. Also, connect with others. The power of a small group can never be underestimated.

Fight for what is right and good. It’s what makes a life worth living.

Tim Melin

City of Verona