I enjoyed the Community Voices column by Jo Anne Lindberg on fragrances.

An important part of our business is working with a growing number of customers concerned about chemical sensitivity. It’s important that our company stays informed on topics such as these.

In the interest of helping others stay informed, there was one piece of information that was incorrect in her article, pertaining to formaldehyde in carpet. Although formaldehyde can be found in numerous household products, including wood, wood stains, vinyl, detergents, glue, laminate flooring, cosmetics and paint, it is a common misconception that it is found in new carpet. Formaldehyde has not been used in carpet manufacturing for several decades.

Carpeting does release VOC’s when installed for the first 24-48 hours, though studies have shown that carpet has a negligible amount of VOCs and they are considered non-harmful. A quality reputable flooring retailer can provide more detailed specifics on flooring options, but new carpeting is the least of concerns when it comes to formaldehyde.

Brad Zaugg

Zerorez owner

City of Verona