If you have story ideas, concerns about the city or feedback about Press stories, our reporters invite Verona residents to share their thoughts during “Coffee With a Reporter.”

From 2-3 p.m., Friday, Jan. 10, reporters Kimberly Wethal and Neal Patten will be available to hear from citizens at The Sow’s Ear, 125 S. Main St. Group editor Jim Ferolie will be available, as well.

The three will talk with and listen to Verona residents during the inaugural “Coffee with a Reporter” discussion and will consider potential story ideas generated from the conversations.

These informal feedback sessions allow for community residents to engage with reporters from Unified Newspaper Group, which in turn helps the reporters better serve the community.

Wethal and Patten plan to begin hosting “Coffee with a Reporter” sessions regularly and welcome suggestions on times and locations for the discussion.

Neal Patten, Verona Community Reporter, can be contacted at neal.patten@wcinet.com.