As Verona resident and Oakwood Village Senior Living employee David Mossner was out finding all of the Bucky on Parade statues on his bike last summer, he had the idea to bring them to those who didn’t have the ability to see them.

At Oakwood Village, there were a decent number of people whose mobility was limited, so he created a “virtual bike ride” for people.

“It occurred to me that unless you had some physical ability to get out of your car and move, it would be impossible for a lot of folks to see all of these Buckys,” he said. “I wanted to share these with other Badger fans and Wisconsin fans.”

Mossner will give that presentation from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 7, at the Verona Public Library. In addition to photos of all of the Buckys, Mossner will tell audience members fun facts about the artists, the statues themselves and will state his case on why he believes Bucky has poor vision.

All ages are welcome to attend the presentation.

Bucky on Parade was a public art exhibition that ran from May to September last year throughout Dane County, with 85 University of Wisconsin-Madison mascot Buckingham U. (Bucky) Badger figurines designed by 64 artists. The show was produced by the Madison Area Sports Commission, and at the end of the exhibit, some of the statues were auctioned off to benefit charities like Garding Against Cancer.

Each statue was 6 feet tall, and was made of 160 pounds of fiberglass.

Mossner said he went on nine different bike rides to find all of the statues; each taking a few hours. The rides got longer the closer he was to Madison’s downtown, he said, because of the high concentration of Buckys and the need to keep getting on and off his bike.

Throughout the process of finding the Buckys, Mossner kept a blog detailing his scavenger hunt, prompting him to do additional research on the artists and their statues, which he includes in the presentation.

“There was stuff that I learned after the fact that made a story, and made them mean more,” he said.

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