Holy, matrimony!

Verona Area Community Theater put on four shows of its production of “Four Weddings and an Elvis” this weekend.

The production will also have a four-show run this week Feb. 20-22, at the VACT building, 103 Lincoln St.

The show, featuring three couples who show up at Sandy’s (Sara Ward-Cassady) Las Vegas wedding chapel to tie the knot in a hilarious fashion.

Those wedding couples include Bev (Liz Nickels) and Stan (Curt Hanke), who get married to seek revenge on their exes; aging stars Vanessa (Sara Pfantz) and Bryce (John Beard) who are looking for publicity; gentle post office worker Martin (Greg Stravinski) and ex-con Fiona (Julia Fure) who attempts to tie the knot before police show up; and Sandy’s own fifth wedding.

Other characters include Elvis impersonator John, played by Scott Wieland, Lou, portrayed by Tom Arnol, and Fist, who is played by Paul Carlson.

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