Students and teachers whose music lessons were canceled after Rhapsody Arts Center’s closure last month can continue them in the near-term at Oregon’s Academy of Sound.

AoS executive director Erin Chisman told the Press in an email the nonprofit, located at 408 N. Bergamont Blvd., has opened up its space to use by Rhapsody students and teachers “so that they can finish their semester of lessons.”

The space usage is at no cost, Chisman wrote.

“It took me two days to come up with something that Academy of Sound could do to be helpful after their closing,” she told the Press on Tuesday. “We have rooms at Academy of Sound that aren’t in use 100 percent of the time.”

So far, she said one Rhapsody teacher is using space full-time Monday through Friday, and two others are using it part-time.

Rhapsody closed last month after 19 years in Verona. According to a news release from the board of directors, the “organization saw insurmountable challenges to its sustainability and experienced a decline in private music lesson enrollment as well as a shortage of qualified instructors in the area.”

Facebook comments indicated the center would try to provide refunds for classes already paid for, but did not guarantee them.

Chisman said other Rhapsody students or teachers looking for space to continue lessons in the near-term can reach out to her at or 371-9030.

“We’re just trying to keep it simple and provide a way for the teachers and students to continue to connect until they figure out what they’re gonna do for the long term,” she said.

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