2018 Artisan and Farmers Market

The Artists and Farmers Market enjoyed sunny weather with light clouds on July 17, 2018.

Farmers market season will officially start in Verona next Tuesday.

The Verona Artists and Farmers Market will open from 3-6:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 21, and will run each Tuesday until Oct. 15. Held at Hometown Junction Park, 101 W. Railroad St., the market will feature artists, vegetable farmers, a beef processor, jams, tea, and baked goods – something she was “really missing last year,” organizer Mona Cassis told the Press.

The market is in its third year under Cassis’ leadership, and will generally be the same as the year prior, she said, but she’s looking to eventually book more food trucks and special events.

“Last year, we had maybe a couple of events every month, but this year I’m hoping to have something happening every Tuesday that’s more than just the market,” she said.

Cassis said she tried to theme some of them around a month when they were celebrated, one of those being Accordion Month in June, and National Picnic Month in July.

“You grab at anything you can when trying to have a reason for something to happen,” she said. “When planning, I tried to use some of those things.”

Eighteen vendors have signed up to be at the market throughout the season, she said. Not all vendors will be at the market each week because of limitations with their growing seasons, she said, but a couple have signed up to be there every week.

El Sabor de Puebla, specializing in Mexican cuisine, will be at every market during the season selling hot food, Cassis said.

Cassis said she’s still waiting on more vendors and groups to join, knowing that they’re either waiting to see how their growing season turns out, or what their schedules might look like.

“I’m hoping to still to get even more people,” she said. “This is when they start calling you and emailing ... saying, ‘It’s going to be a good year, can we get in on your market?’”

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