If you’ve ever considered a career as a “professional smart aleck” and a “full-time doodler,” in a few weeks, you can meet two people who hold those titles.

Those titles aren’t listed on their business cards, per se, but Wisconsin State Journal cartoonist Phil Hands and comic strip author Leigh Rubin will prove why they deserve them from 7-8:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, at the library, 500 Silent St.

The two artists will “riff” off one another’s cartoons, according to a news release from the library, and through their interactions, demonstrate how the minds of two cartoonists think very differently while composing their work.

Hands often draws commentaries on regional Wisconsin issues and state politics, and Rubin is the author of the comic strip “Rubes” featuring animals and children.

Door prizes will be awarded to “unlucky winners,” the release states.

Registration for the event is required, and can be done so by calling the library at 845-7180 or visiting veronapubliclibrary.org.

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