Seth Krueger, a student at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, will spend his vicar year in Verona at Resurrection Lutheran Church. Krueger said he’s eager to take what he’s learned in the classroom and use it to share the love of God with the Resurrection Lutheran Church congregations.

It’s a good thing Seth Krueger likes to talk.

“I’ve always been a people person,” the new assistant pastor at Resurrection Lutheran Church said. “I love interacting with people, I love meeting new people.”

He’s in his seventh year of secondary education and will spend his vicar year at Resurrection Lutheran learning how to be a pastor before returning to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon for his final year.

Krueger is “just a kid from Michigan,” he said. He grew up there and attended high school at Michigan Lutheran Seminary, a preparatory school in Saginaw, from which he graduated in 2012. From there, Krueger started at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota, where he majored in pre-seminary studies.

There wasn’t a specific moment in his life that made Krueger decide he wanted to be a pastor, he said, but the idea had been in his mind for a “long time.”

Krueger was sure about one thing with his future career as he considered his options: He needed something that was going to involve helping people in a meaningful way.

He was further convinced when he spoke with a pastor from Arizona. The pastor had transitioned away from a career as a lawyer, and advised Krueger that while he would be good at either profession, it would be wise to “cut out the middleman” and become a pastor right away.

Krueger confirmed that being a pastor was what he wanted to do with his life after starting at Martin Luther.

Krueger said the transition from wanting to be a pastor to the reality of doing it was a natural feeling and confirmed to him that he pursuing the right career.

“I wanted to have this opportunity to spend time with people, and share the love of Jesus with them,” he said. “That’s something really meaningful that’s going to have a lasting impact on their lives.”

Krueger said he’s excited to be a part of potential growth with Resurrection Lutheran, as church leadership is considering starting a Fitchburg site. He’ll be spending most of his time at the Verona campus training under the Rev. Nathan Strutz, but will interact with the Monroe congregation from time to time as well.

He’s also eager to take his years-long education and test himself in the real world based off what he learned in the classroom.

“It might be hard to believe, but I’ve been itching to get out of the classroom,” he said with a laugh. “Actually get out in the world for a bit.”

It’s one thing for him and his friends at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary to sit with one another and talk about Jesus, he said, but to preach it to the world creates a different effect.

“I can talk about Jesus in a classroom all day, but talking about Jesus in the world, how does that go? I get to find out,” he said.

Strutz said that he hopes Krueger will walk away from his vicar year at Resurrection having a deeper love for Jesus, the Word and the people Jesus died for.

Krueger has a little bit of a head start with the gifts he’s been given, Strutz said.

“Seth is blessed with a lot of gifts you can’t teach,” he said. “Loving people, love for being around people and interacting with people.”

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