Everlight Solar is looking to offer easier access to renewable energy in Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Casey Creech, co-founder and chief revenue officer, told the Press the business thinks it found the perfect location to do just that in February 2019: Verona.

Everlight Solar opened in Liberty Park on the city’s southeast side, joining its other locations in Idaho, Utah and Nevada, because Wisconsinites want renewable and clean energy options, no matter their political leanings, Creech said.

“Everlight Solar is driven to make solar affordable for every homeowner and we strive to make enrollment in the program as simple as signing up for an app like Netflix,” Creech said.

Creech said Everlight Solar’s Verona space serves as the business’ second headquarters.

After less than one year of opening, Creech said the company has reached 400 homes with its services and hired local talent from engineers to salespeople, creating around 30 jobs in the greater Madison area.

He said when Everlight Solar staff examined the state’s market, they didn’t see competitive solar companies installing the latest technology on homes or offering personalized financing options for systems.

And with William Creech, CEO, having worked in the solar industry previous to Everlight’s 2017 establishment, Casey said the company wished to make purchasing solar systems easy – from beginning stages of contracting to the final installation.

A percentage of Everlight Solar’s customers seek to put solar panels on their homes because they want to reduce their carbon footprint, Casey said. Others use renewable energy as a way of having more control over their finances and saving money on future energy bills.

“For the typical homeowner, a solar payment will be very similar to what they pay now for electricity, making it easy to replace the power bill with a solar bill instead,” Casey said. “For example, if your current power bill is usually around $45, the payment for a solar system would likely range from $40-50 … give or take a few bucks.”

More customers are impressed with how little time it takes for Everlight Solar to go through its solar panel installation process.

Casey said the staff takes care of acquiring construction permits and applications for the homeowners and compiles up to a year of energy usage data to determine the annual cost of a solar panel setup. He said that takes around a month, while with other companies it can take up to six to eight months.

To keep the process transparent for customers, the business sends email notifications with updates every few days. Casey said the company is developing technology where customers can track the status of their solar installation and upload necessary contracting documents.

When solar array installation day comes, that process takes an hour, Casey said.

After installation is complete, customers own the hardware and the power the array generates. He said solar systems last on average 40 years — complete with a 25 year warranty.

“Since the homeowner actually owns the solar system, the cost is fixed and not subject to future price hikes or inflation, making the long term value even better,” he added.

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