Epic software is now able to monitor patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 from home.

Epic’s home-monitoring software is being used by medical professionals to observe COVID-19 patients remotely.

Epic has developed a software that can send alerts if a patient’s at-home symptoms are new or worsening, according to Modern Healthcare, a healthcare focused magazine.

Ohio-based Cleveland Clinic was the first to use and develop the software with Epic, but now the software is available for other healthcare organizations.

“Though patients with COVID-19 often experience mild symptoms, monitoring these symptoms is critical because deterioration can be rapid, even in low-risk patients,” the April 30 article states.

At the Cleveland Clinic, patients with COVID-19 are asked to update current medical information in Epic’s “MyChart” online medical records software.

Patients are asked questions such as if symptoms are present including cough, shortness of breath, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and poor appetite; and whether they have been getting better or worse, or staying the same. If they are able, patients are also asked to provide oxygen levels and temperature readings.

Patients with new or worsening symptoms get an alert that they will be notified by a clinician, according to the article.

More than 1,200 patients with positive COVID-19 results have been enrolled in the program.

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