The newest Epic campus, Storybook, is still getting finishing touches but fully functional, is shown here behind the finished Wizards Academy.

A year ago, Epic sent the cranes away. This year, they “caught up” on construction, as chief administrative officer Steve Dickmann put it.

That marks the first time in 15 years Epic stopped putting up new buildings in Verona. It’s also the first sustained period in perhaps three decades that the company has had enough offices to accommodate its workforce, which has leveled off at 9,400 – 15 times as many employees as it had when the company agreed to move here.

This fall, Epic put the finishing touches on its Storybook Campus nearly three years after it earned city approval, though it has buildings planned in that area for the next time it decides to expand its workforce. Dickmann said the company will continue to plan five to seven years out, but from here on out, it will try to stay ahead of its needs, rather than constantly playing catch-up.

“In the ideal world, if we would build one building a year, or one building every other year, that’s more sane,” he told the Press in July. “When you’re trying to build two campuses simultaneously, it taxes everybody’s resources.”

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