More than 80 samples of cider will be available at the Wisconsin Craft Cider Tasting next Saturday.

“This is the most amount of Wisconsin made ciders in one place,” said Joseph Baird, president of Mershon’s Cidery in Stoughton.

The sampling extravaganza will take place from 1-5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12 at the Chorus Public House, 154 W. Main St. More than 20 cideries from all over the state will be present to answer questions. The cost is $35 for unlimited cider samples or $5 for a designated driver who plans to only sample non-alcoholic ciders.

Participants can expect to sample a variety of flavors such as hoppy ciders, fruity ciders like blackberry, mixed berry and peach, barrel aged ciders like tequila, rum and whiskey, and ciders made with heirloom apples.

Baird, who has been making cider for 10 years, said cider is basically freshly squeezed juice that is fermented. The process is similar to making wine, only the cidermaker uses apples instead of grapes.

He said there are often events in this area that feature craft wines and craft beer, but not many that feature ciders. Some of the other cideries that plan to participate are Indigenous Wines and Ciders of Stoughton, Cider House of Wisconsin from McFarland and Restoration Cider Works of Madison.

Although participants will not be able to purchased bottled cider on site, Cheesers at 183 E. Main St. agreed to have all the cider available for purchase at their location across the street.

For more information, call Mershon’s Cidery at 235-6832.

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