Helena Pope

Stoughton native Helena Pope will perform in “Titanic - The Musical” this month in Oregon.

The Oregon Straw Hat Players will set sail on a doomed ship during their production of “Titanic – The Musical,” and Stoughton native Helena Pope will play a third-class Irish girl named Kate, hoping to make her way to America and start a new life.

Performances run at various times Saturday, Aug. 10, through Saturday, Aug. 17, at the Oregon Performing Arts Center, 456 N. Perry Pkwy. Ticket prices are $17 for adults, $15 for seniors and $12 for K-12 students.

Pope, 19, has been performing with the OSHP for more than 10 years.

“What I really love is the fact that we can take a book and words on a page and make that story come alive,” Pope said.

The musical focuses largely on the human impacts of the April 15, 1912, disaster, during which 1,500 people died. The play follows stories of the people aboard the ship including the owner, designer, captain, crew and passengers. Director Sami Elmer Kapusta said the play touches on gender roles, class and the progress of technology.

“Theater goers should know there are no Jack and Rose, and Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ is not featured in the score,” according to a news release. “What they will experience is an inspiring musical about the famous doomed ship.”

“Titanic – The Musical” won five Tony awards in 1997, according to the news release. The production at OSHP will have a 20 person orchestra to play the music, which Elmer Kapusta describes as modern, yet classical and syntagmatic.

“Hands down my favorite part of the play is the music,” said Elmer Kapusta. “There are scenes with dialogue but there is almost never a time where you don’t hear music.”

The majority volunteer cast, crew, staff and orchestra is comprised of nearly 100 participants of all ages from Brooklyn, Fitchburg, Madison, McFarland, Mount Horeb, Stoughton and Oregon.