Stoughton Hospital now offers out-patient dental care to children who would otherwise not tolerate a dental procedure in a clinic setting.

Stoughton Hospital was able to partner with Children’s Dental Center of Madison through a $25,585 grant from the Delta Dental Foundation. The grant provided Stoughton Hospital the ability to purchase dental equipment used in surgery such as specialized cart for pediatrics, X-raying tools and hand pieces.

The program, which started in June, allows patients referred by Children’s Dental Center of Madison to receive general anesthesia care to relax enough for a dentist to perform restorations, cavity fills, extractions or other follow-up procedures.

The program is meant for children with severe anxiety or special needs who would not otherwise be able to complete dental procedures, Stoughton Hospital vice president of growth and development Teresa Lindfors said.

With Stoughton Hospital having acquired necessary equipment, there are more options for dentists and less wait time for families, Lindfors said.

“By (children) getting in sooner rather than later, it allows for less pain and complications that the patient might suffer,” Lindfors said.

There is no extra cost to opt in to the specialized procedures, but patients will have to pay the standard costs, Lindfors said.

Children’s Dental Center of Madison works with families and screens patients to see if they are eligible for the sedation procedure. To be considered, families must call Children’s Dental Center of Madison’s east clinic, 825-7500, west clinic, 833-6545 or visit

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