WFK helps library get up to date

When media specialist Kristin Rosenberg started at Kegonsa Elementary School, the average publishing date of books was 1995, she said. That gave her concerns about the age and accuracy of the nonfiction section.

When she and principal Erin Conrad talked about ways to update the collection with the help of the more than $12,000 donated by Kegonsa Working For Kids, they wanted to prepare for the new ELA curriculum by updating the nonfiction section.

“Nonfiction books are more expensive than fiction, so it’s harder to buy a lot of them at once,” Rosenberg emailed the Hub. “They have photographers, editors, researchers, etc, so it makes sense that high quality nonfiction is more expensive.”

She and Conrad started by ordering books classes have asked for that are also recommended by the new curriculum, on topics like state history, habitats or specific animals.

“We can hit the ground running when we get started in the fall,” she wrote, noting that recent purchases have moved the library’s average publishing age “up” to 2002.

“It might not seem like a huge jump, but we have almost 20,000 items in our library, so shifting the average age seven years feels like a big deal to me,” she said

Email Unified Newspaper Group reporter Scott De Laruelle at

Email Unified Newspaper Group reporter Scott De Laruelle at