Age: 39

Hometown: Rockford, IL

Lived in the district since: 2018

Family: Daughter and significant other

Occupation: Appliance/TV repair

Employer/job title: Geek Squad Double Agent-Repair

Political experience: I was a congressional candidate for the 2018 midterms in WI-05 (Waukesha) until I moved out of the district.

Other notable affiliations: Formerly a volunteer firefighter in the Rockford, Ill. area until I moved to Madison in 2015.

Essay questions

Why are you running?

Education is incredibly important to me because as a child, I didn’t have the support I needed. I never want my daughter to feel like she isn’t getting the support or education she needs and deserves. I want to be a voice for our children so they can succeed.

What are the Stoughton school board’s most pressing challenges/opportunities in the next five years?

Aside from the major issue of funding due to stagnant growth in the community, I would say the biggest issue is rebuilding the trust between the schools, teachers and the administration. A successful school district needs to have solid cooperation from every side. The school board is critical to that.

How should the board respond to the budget deficit the district faces in the very near future?

We need to look for more creative ways to increase funding, while also saving without cutting staffing. The district should do everything we can to avoid asking for a referendum because no one wants more taxes. We need to streamline operations and look for other ways to reduce operating costs.

How can cooperation with the city help the school board, particularly in terms of bringing younger families into the district?

We should not just be looking to work with the city alone. We should also be working with county and state officials on programs to make communities like ours more attractive. If we want to avoid raising taxes, we need to have more tax revenue by means of more population.

What will be your top priority(ies) if elected?

I want to continue building relationships and trust with the teachers, administration, as well as the voters. I also want to extend those relationships to the state and local level to help us solve the challenge of funding our district. It’s all about teamwork, and we can do it together.

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