Enrollment may continue to dip in the Stoughton Area School District, but its state test scores are on the rise.

The district is “exceeding expectations,” according to the annual Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction report card, released Nov. 12. For the 2018-19 school year, the district scored a 75.3, its highest in the four years of the evaluations, mandated by state law, and its first listing in the “exceeds expectations” category.

District school scores were once again led by Sandhill Elementary (79.9), with Fox Prairie Elementary (79.1) and Stoughton High School (78.5) joining it in the “exceeds expectations” category, followed by River Bluff Middle School (71.3) and Kegonsa Elementary (69.3), which rated as “meets expectations.” Scores for Sandhill, Fox Prairie and SHS all dipped a bit from last year, while Kegonsa and River Bluff improved slightly, with all schools remaining in the same categories as the previous school year.

Scores are calculated in four priority areas: student achievement; school growth; closing gaps between student groups; and measures of students being on-track for postsecondary readiness, which includes graduation and attendance rates, third-grade English language arts achievement, and eighth-grade mathematics achievement.

For the 2018-19 school year, SASD topped the state average in student achievement (66.2 to 62.3), closing gaps (75.6 to 68.8) district growth (74.8 to 66) and on-track/postsecondary readiness (84.8),

For the 2018-19 school year, 2,112 public schools and 322 private choice schools received report cards, with 87 percent listed as “meeting” or “exceeding” expectations, as did 96 percent of Wisconsin’s 421 public school districts.

Forty districts were rated as “significantly exceeding” expectations, with 198 districts listed as “exceeding expectations,” 163 district rated as “meeting expectations, 17 rated as meeting “few expectations” and one district listed as “failing to meet expectations.”

“Report cards provide a snapshot of performance across the four priority areas and can be used to target improvement efforts,” according to a DPI news release.

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DPI rating system

DPI report card accountability rating Score
Significantly exceeds expectations 83-110
Exceeds expectations 73-82.9
Meets expectations 63-72.9
Meets few expectations 53-62.9
Fails to meet expectations 0-52.9

Stoughton Area School District 2018-19

DPI score 75.3 (Exceeds expectations)
Student enrollment 2,963
Students with disabilities 11.7%
Economically disadvantaged 25.2%
English learners 3.5%

DPI grading areas (0-100 scale)

Category SASD State average
Student achievement 66.2 62.3
District growth 75.6 66
Closing gaps 74.8 68.8
On track and post
secondary readiness 87.1 84.8

SASD DPI report card grades

2015-16 72.6
2016-17 71.3
2017-18 71.8
2018-19 75.3

SASD school by school

School DPI grade
Fox Prairie Elementary 79.1 (Exceeds expectations)
Kegonsa Elementary 69.3 (Meets expectations)
Sandhill Elementary 79.9 (Exceeds expectations)
River Bluff Middle School 71.3 (Meets expectations)
Stoughton High School 78.5 (Exceeds expectations)