Teachers at three Stoughton elementary schools wanted to let students know how much they are missed.

Educators created heartfelt Youtube photo slideshows, showing teachers with positive messages letting students know they care about them.

“While we are proud of the work we have done to lift our teaching and learning into our virtual classroom, the hardest part of this school closure has been not being able to see our students and families,” Kegonsa Elementary School Principal Erin Conrad wrote to the Hub in an email.

A teacher from Fox Prairie Elementary School told students through the video, “You are smart, kind, brave. You can do anything. I miss you.”

Fox Prairie Elementary School principal Krista Huntley Rogers said staff wanted to make a video reminding students how much their teachers care about them.

“The connections made between our students and staff are such an important part of school at Fox Prairie,” she wrote to the Hub in an email.

At Sandhill Elementary School, staff are posting a video to the Sandhill’s Youtube channel each week with different themes including ‘what makes you happy,’ ‘showing school pride’ and ‘being creative.’

Sandhill principal Jeff Fimreite said he still wants students to access the positive culture and climate they get when walking through the halls of the elementary school.

“Right now it is harder to share the good times, and all the memories. And we want to keep our school pride alive,” he said.

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