For the first time in more than a decade, Stoughton Area School District administrators and board members will be taking a hard look at staffing, with an eye to find a fit with the district’s continued declining enrollment.

SASD superintendent Tim Onsager told board members Monday that “with our declining enrollment and with our priorities and looking at our continuous improvements,” it’s time to take a big-picture look at staffing throughout the district. He said such a project hasn’t been taken on in the district for “at least 10 years.”

“It’s time,” he said. “(We’ll be) taking a very comprehensive look at our staffing, what roles we have, how much staff do we have. We’re not going into this saying we’re going to eliminate this or that, were saying, what do we need?”

Onsager said district officials will be looking at “all the roles in the district from administration to support staff, teaching, you name it.”

“It’s kind of a study of what they are currently doing, does their current function and job description make sense or should it be slightly different as we move into a different kind of educational model, which should be changing as the world changes,” he said.

Onsager said the district should continue looking at the big picture of staffing every five or 10 years.

“As the needs of our students change, so should we be looking at the staffing, and not only looking at it when it ‘s time to cut,” he said.

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