Elementary school kids can be an excitable bunch.

But there’s nothing quite like the squeals of joy and the astonished looks on their faces when they get to throw pies in their teachers’ faces.

From getting duct taped to walls to covered in slime, educators these days let their kids do a lot to them – but it’s all in good fun, and at Kegonsa this holiday season, it was for a good cause.

On Friday, Dec. 20, a volunteer group of 14 staff members were pied in the face by eager students, as a reward for raising $500 to buy 59 books for Kegonsa families in need.

Kegonsa school library “wizard” Kristin Rosenberg wrote in an email to the Hub that the “really cool” thing about the timing is that the fundraiser was running during the school’s book fair, so staff helped her identify students who could benefit from a free book.

She created “golden tickets” for these students’ homeroom teachers to give them, and they could come to the book fair and pick their own book. Thirty-nine students picked books, and Rosenberg bought 20 more for other students in need with the money left over.

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