The Town of Pleasant Springs updated its recycling ordinances as of June 1 to comply with the state Department of Natural Resources.

The new ordinances include new rules for management of waste tires and other general language changes.

Residents are no longer allowed to put waste tires in the all-in-one-recycling bin. They now must be picked up on the next recycling schedule, large item pickup by the recycling contractor. This is subject to advance notification and prepayment, according to the ordinance.

To schedule the pick up of waste tires or large items, residents should call Pellitteri Waste Systems at 257-4285.

The language changes included adding the words electronic waste to the major-appliances management section. Major appliances, now including electronic waste, need to be picked up on the large item pick up days with advance notification and prepayment.

In addition, DNR required plastics to be labeled “1-7” rather than plastic “containers made of PETE, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP and PS.”

In the citation section, language was added to allow “any authorized officer, employee or authorized representative of the Town of Pleasant Springs or Dane County Sheriff” to give a citation for violation of the ordinance.

All municipalities that apply for the Responsible Unit Recycling Grant were required to update their ordinances. The town applies for this grant annually, and in 2019 received roughly $10,360.

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