Furseth Road water tower

The Furseth Road water tower is expected to be repainted over the next 2-3 weeks starting Saturday, May 16.

A Stoughton water tower is getting a new coat of paint – and let’s hope the painters double check their spelling this time around.

Contractors started the process of repainting the Furseth Road water tower on Saturday, May 16.

The process should take 2-3 weeks, Jill Weiss, Stoughton Utilities director, told the Hub.

The water tower will be completely drained to prepare for painting, but should not have an effect on customers’ water pressure, according to a May 15 Stoughton Utilities post on Facebook.

Customers might see slight discoloration as sediment in the water distribution system gets stirred up, Weiss said. Even if customers do see a discoloration, she added, the water is completely safe to drink.

To flush out discolored water, run the cold water at the point nearest to where the water enters the home, such as a basement or first floor faucet, according to the Facebook post.

The Facebook post prompted a teasing reply from a Facebook user: “Make sure they spell it right this time.”

In June 2010, the city made national news when a spelling error could be seen across the city after crews painted the water tower on Race Track Road. Contractors at first spelled Stoughton wrong – omitting the second T, and spelling the city “Stoughon.”

It was quickly repainted without the city incurring any additional costs.

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