A man who spent almost all of the past seven years at the Oregon Correctional Center had been arrested by Stoughton police for what court records indicate would be a 12th charge of operating while intoxicated.

Bruce T. Henningfield, 59, was taken into custody Dec. 25, after being involved in a hit and run with a parked car, according to a news release from the Stoughton Police Department.

The release stated that a witness told police Henningfield had hit a parked car at his apartment complex and that police found signs of impairment and arrested him at 7:42 p.m.Police told the Hub the location was McComb Apartments, 2125 McComb Road, which also is a commercial center.

Henningfield had not yet appeared before the court Saturday morning on charges recommended by police. Any OWI beyond the fourth is a felony.

Henningfield had been convicted in Racine County in December 2012 for an OWI earlier that year, as well as obstructing an officer in the Village of Sturtevant, leading to a state prison sentence of 7 ½ years plus five years of extended supervision, according to online records. Those records indicated he was still an inmate at least as recently as April 2019.

Court records show his attorneys had attempted to get his sentence adjusted in 2017 but that it was denied in what was considered to be the public interest.

During Henningfield’s sentencing in March 2013, the court found evidence of 10 prior OWI convictions, according to online records, most of them coming before 1996.

The Oregon Correctional Center, which is actually in Fitchburg, specializes in rehabilitating inmates with substance abuse disorders, according to its website. Many people committed to the center are given what is known as a Huber release, which allows them to work while finishing their sentence.

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