This year is a big one for decisions nationally, with a presidential election charting a course for the next four years for the country.

In Stoughton, some of the decisions the city and school district, voters and jurors make could have longer lasting effects.

It starts with the schools, which have been a flashpoint in Stoughton for several years and are likely to continue for some time, as enrollment is still dropping and government leaders are still struggling to change that.

If enrollment trends continue, Stoughton could find itself facing yet another referendum to help prop up the district’s budget. District and city officials have been working together to find ways to bring more young families here, but those efforts have stalled in the past year, and it remains to be seen whether they resume and have any effect.

The city and its Redevelopment Authority will have their work cut out for them with their own massive project, the Yahara riverfront redevelopment effort. It’s been in the works for more than a decade, and some people are eager for it to get started, but first, it has to come to a deal with the master developer the RDA identified last year but hasn’t come to an agreement with.

The city will also get to review a strategic plan to vastly expand the amenities and bring in more revenue for the Stoughton Opera House, which now has much more space.

The school district also needs to determine whether to use a local donation to help put artificial turf on the high school football field, alders will need to choose whether to spend millions of dollars to facilitate the construction of a housing subdivision at Kettle Park West and jurors could get to decide whether Ted Bruno is guilty of murder.