Stock Photo Stoughton Police Department

Just a little more than a month and a half into the state’s “Safer At Home” order and Stoughton Police Department chief Greg Leck said crime is down.

The department is getting few calls for people breaking “Safer At Home” policies and fewer traffic violations, Leck said. And although calls for crimes such as domestic, and disturbances remain about the same, Leck said the intensity of those calls has increased.

“The level of frustration is much higher, and we’re seeing that with people,” Leck said.

Leck said he applauds residents of the City of Stoughton for complying with the “Safer at Home” order. He said it would be difficult for the SPD to enforce the order with the limited staff, and that leaves him feeling encouraged.

“We hope it continues especially as we get closer to the end,” Leck said. “The anxiety is continuing to climb the longer it goes on and we are hoping people continue to take it in stride and continue to do as well as they have been doing.”

In addition to compliance with the “Safer at Home” order, the generosity from residents has been tremendous, Leck said, adding that they get so much food sometimes they have to turn it away.

“We have nobody going hungry at the police department,” he said.

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