Construction season has been underway for the past few weeks, and as the sunshine paves the way for crews to really dig in, a few more projects are starting next week.

This includes “traffic calming” features to help reduce speed around Stoughton High School and other reconstruction that has been “desperately needed,” public works director Brett Hebert said.

Commuters might have noticed some light work throughout the past month around the city, with some sidewalk, curb and gutter maintenance done on individual properties, but more work is on the way.

Full reconstructions at Lowell, South Monroe and Patterson streets are well underway. Those projects started in May and are anticipated to continue through October.

Drivers should expect some detours around these areas as crews work on underground utility improvements, which include gas, water main and sanitary sewer installations. Alliant Energy has also been working on updating and replacing its materials.

“The idea is to get all of the utility work done now, because when we open the street up once, we don’t want to do it again,” Hebert said. “We want to get everything done at one time.”

Another major construction project in the city is the expected completion of the Kettle Park West senior housing complex, which started last year. Single-family homes are being planned in that area but are not expected to start until the fall.

For more information about road construction projects, visit the City of Stoughton website,

Jackson and Lincoln

Anyone who drives near the high school knows road improvements have been needed for some time, but they can rejoice knowing work starts next week and is planned to be done before school starts.

In addition to the reconstruction, crews will install traffic islands near the entrance to the high school. Two are planned on Lincoln Avenue, and one will be set on Jackson Street.

Traffic islands are a small raised area in the middle of a road which marks a division between two opposing streams of traffic, with the goal to slow traffic and also help pedestrians.

“The biggest thing is to shrink the lane to slow down traffic, and they also create a safe place for pedestrians to cross,” Hebert said. “It’ll still allow traffic to flow through there, but the biggest thing is to slow it down.”

Jackson Street, from South Van Buren Street to Kings Lynn Road, will have spot curb and gutter replacement, as well as spot apron and sidewalk replacement. The missing sidewalk on the south side of the street will be filled.

On Lincoln Street, between North Jackson Street and 1212 Lincoln Ave., this segment will also be pulverized with the same series of replacements as Jackson Street.

Storm sewer work is part of this project.

Monroe area rebuild

Segments of Monroe Street are under construction as crews work to replace the roads and underground utilities. Work is expected to continue until October.

Lowell Street, from Page to Monroe, is undergoing a full reconstruction, including curb and gutter replacement and driveway aprons.

This also includes spot sidewalk replacement, and a sidewalk will be installed on the north side of the street.

Some underground utility improvements will also be part of this project, and signs are along the surrounding streets to caution drivers of the work underway.

South Monroe is going through a full reconstruction from Lowell to Patterson. Crews will also infill missing sidewalk segments between those streets.

Full reconstruction is underway on Patterson Street between Monroe and Harrison. Sidewalks are also being installed on the south side of that street.

Individual property owners shared some costs with the city, including half the cost for curb and gutter, half the cost for a sidewalk, and full cost for driveway aprons, private sidewalk and drainage improvements that service the private property.

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