Soon-to-be-placed violent sex offender Ritchie H. Dumer will not be allowed to leave his Town of Rutland home without supervision for at least a one year period and will wear a GPS monitoring device on his ankle for life, county officials said at a community notification meeting on Monday, Aug. 12.

A supervised release program will place 66 year old Dumer at 3482 Hwy. 138, where he will not even be allowed to perform lawn maintenance without a monitor watching over him, officials said.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services program will be a part of Dumer’s “dual supervision,” with the Department of Corrections also monitoring Dumer until December 2024.

Supervisors will lease the building for one-year intervals and Dumer can only live there while he is on supervised release. He can petition for discharge from supervised release and if granted, he would no longer be monitored by the Department of Health Services and would be required to find a new place to live.

On average, offenders are on supervised release for 2 ½ to 3 ½ years, officials said.

About 20 people attended the meeting, with some expressing concerns for their safety. Attendees were particularly worried about being able to defend themselves and slow response times from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.

Dumer, who has spent most of his adult life in jail, was convicted in 1973 for rape and was in prison until 1982, when he was released on parole. He then was convicted again in 1985 of two counts of attempted sexual assault, with all of the survivors being women he did not know.

After serving 37 ½ years for the 1985 crimes, he was eligible for release in 2013, but the state Department of Justice petitioned for commitment at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center, deeming him likely to reoffend.

His placement in Rutland cannot be prevented by the town as part of a 2015 state law. But Sand Ridge takes precautions to risks for the communities where they place offenders, officials said.

Dumer’s restrictions include not being allowed to possess or consume alcohol or drugs and not being allowed to own a computer.

Officials also discussed “protective behaviors” for parents to teach their children.

A “community reintigration” team will comprise specialists from DOC and DHS and a sex offender treatment provider. Agents will also drop in at Dumer’s residence at unscheduled times during the week to ensure compliance with treatment and restrictions.

Once placed, Dumer will be required to search for a job and all earnings will go towards his cost of care, with tax dollars to fund the rest. Attendees expressed concerns over these costs, which officials said cost around $145,000 a year.

ATTIC Correctional Services Inc. will install furnishings for the home, owned by Richard Donahue.