Sara Rabe next president of the Stoughton Wellness Coaltion Jan. 31, 2020.

Sara Rabe at the Celebration of Success event at Stoughton Hopsital on Friday, Jan. 31, 2020.

Sara Rabe has been selected as the next president and director for the Stoughton Wellness Coalition.

Rabe, pastor at Covenant Lutheran Church, announced she is the new president and director of the nonprofit organization, effective Jan. 21. Rabe has succeeded Cindy McGlynn, director of the Stoughton Area Senior Center, who has been president since 2016.

At the group’s Celebration of Success event Jan. 31, Rabe talked about people she knew who have died from an overdose and family members who are affected by their children’s addiction.

She said people become labeled as addicts but should get support and compassion from the community so they can leave drugs behind.

“The coalition can be instrumental in transforming the shame and stigma of substance abuse into resources, support and education regarding research and factors that contribute to the struggle with addiction and substance misuse. We already have a great base and I look forward to the next phase of growth,” Rabe said in an email.

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