Pumpkin Patch preschool is moving into a new building next year, at 1940 Jackson St.

An assisted living center on the Jackson Street property was demolished on Thursday, Dec. 19, to make way for the new $1.2 million space that will provide Pumpkin Patch preschool students and staff with a modern space to learn and play, Natalie Richter, the Pumpkin Patch’s director told the Hub.

She said the nonprofit preschool has been subleasing its 4,815 square foot building at 900 W. Wilson St. from Martin Luther Christian School, which leases through the Stoughton Area School District. However, the school doesn’t intend to renew its lease, which expires in 2023, as it has its own plans to build.

That meant it was time for Pumpkin Patch Preschool to find a new home, Richter said. The 7,658 square foot facility is being built by Ultimate Construction, LLC. Pumpkin Patch has been working closely with the company on the concept, she said.

The preschool has been a part of the Stoughton community for 40 years.

Amanda Potratz, volunteer chair on the Pumpkin Patch Preschool parent-led board, said what separates Pumpkin Patch from other preschools is its parent cooperative approach to learning – parents are incentivized to volunteer around the school and help raise funds for it. The school also has a small community focus and a play-based curriculum for its 87 students ages 2-6, Richter said.

Potratz said the location of the new space ensures a more communal feel – it’s located next to a public park and relatively close to apartment buildings and condominiums. She said that will mean more walking field trips in nature for the kids.

Pointing to the design plans on her desk, Richter said the building will have vinyl siding that offers a modern aesthetic. The City of Stoughton wanted it to match the Jackson Street neighborhood with a white and gray color scheme. The roof will have fiberglass shingles and will feature some stone and masonry work.

There will be landscaping around the outside of the building to make way for trees, bushes and a playground for the kids. The playground will have a 6 foot fence around its perimeter.

The new building’s interior will feature spacious classrooms and a gym Pumpkin Patch students will have 24/7 access to. Potratz said this would allow youngsters to have a chance to engage in more physical activity.

The interior will be equipped with two 4k classrooms, a wrap around room for early arrivals and late pickups, a 3 year old preschool room and a 2 year old preschool room. Wide halls will allow students and staff easy maneuverability.

The 2 year old preschool room is a new amenity the current building doesn’t supply, Richter said.

Richter said Pumpkin Patch is still looking for funding for the project – including $23,000 just for a security system. Potratz said the school is at $4,600 so far.

To that end, Pumpkin Patch has hosted some fundraisers. Last year’s celebration raised around $2,600, Potratz said.

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