Plans to annex nearly 52 acres of property from the Town of Dunn against the objections of Dunn officials are up for review at the next Stoughton Planning Commission meeting Nov. 4.

The annexation is being requested by Bob Dvorak of Dvorak Investments, LLC.

Dunn Clerk/Treasurer Cathy Hasslinger told the Hub the town objects to the annexation because the property to be annexed surrounds the site of a home that would still have to be served by the town. Dunn officials had expressed concerns the City of Stoughton would be unable to provide necessary services to the surrounding parcels of land.

The Town of Dunn passed a resolution opposing the annexation, saying that if developed, annexed lands could create “leap-frogged, sprawled development away from the City’s core,” for Stoughton.

The Common Council has the authority to approve the annexation, which would then go through state review if there are objections. But Mayor Tim Swadley told the council at its Oct. 29 meeting he thought the city and the town came to an “understanding” at an earlier discussion in October

Stoughton zoning administrator Michael Stacey told the Hub in an email last month Dvorak appears to be accumulating properties in the U.S. Hwy. 51 corridor area for future development. Dvorak also is the developer of the Nordic Ridge subdivision on the city’s southwest side.

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