Next steps for riverfront

The Redevelopment Authority gave itself an end of summer deadline to decide whether to move forward with any developers that submitted development proposals.

Of the six that contacted the RDA, only Curt Vaughn Brink, LLC remains. Three were rejected and two stepped away from the project in the last two weeks.

If the RDA decides to not pursue Brink, it would need to start its search over and pursue other developers.

It could also reconsider how it plans to package the riverfront area, as some of the development agencies that sought proposal opportunities were turned away because they only wanted portions of the area. Some specifically sought to build smaller-scale affordable housing projects. That did not appeal to the RDA, which sought a master developer to take on the entire area.

The RDA had planned to meet in August to discuss the proposals, and Brink said during its project presentation June 26 it wanted to move forward immediately and start work in the fall. Any project would need to go through the planned development process, which could take months of meetings with the Plan Commission and Common Council.

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