Most city government meetings are canceled for now, including the upcoming March 24 City Council meeting, city clerk Holly Licht told the Hub.

The council meeting will be postponed until a date still to be determined, Licht said on Tuesday, March 17.

Some of the other canceled meetings include those of the Parks and Recreation, Personnel and Public Works committees.

According to the city’s website, Stoughton City Hall is closed to all visitors except for early voting purposes. WSTO/SSN, the city’s cable access broadcaster, is also closed to the public.

The police department lobby is open, but is limiting services to the public.

Police chief Greg Leck said emergency staff rules are in place, including canceling all planned business travel and asking staff who have to travel out of state to self-quarantine.

He said vital services such as public utilities would continue to work as usual despite the closures and cancelations.

“We’re taking steps to prepare for anything that may happen,” Leck told the Hub.

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