The Stoughton Opera House raised $48,000 for a new grand piano in just six months.

In September, the Shigeru Kawai SK6, which is 7-feet long and weighs 842 pounds, was rolled into the SOH’s elevator; fitting by less than an inch.

The handcrafted piano comes with a brochure signed by the crafter, and within a year, the company will send an expert to Stoughton to ensure the piano is still functioning properly.

Through the Bryant Foundation, the Wahlin Foundation and the Stoughton Opera House Friends Association, fundraising was completed in just six months, opera house director Bill Brehm said.

The previous piano, which has been used at the opera house since 2001, was becoming more difficult to maintain, he said. The professional piano tuner had been suggesting a new piano for the past five years.

“He basically went on strike,” Jon Lewis, president of SOHFA, said with a laugh.

In April, Brehm and Lewis said they knew the piano would not make it through another change of seasons and dry air, which can often warp or crack string instruments.

Aside from sounding better, the new piano will also help attract and retain talent, said Brehm, stating performers told him it is a “joy” to play.

“Livingston Taylor, who played here (Thursday) sat down and started making ‘oo-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’ sounds,” Brehm said.

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