Alders voted to annex nearly 52 acres of the Town of Dunn on Tuesday, Dec. 10. The annexation was requested by Bob Dvorak of Dvorak Investments, LLC, who has plans to use the land as part of a larger development.

The annexation was approved in a 9-3 vote over the concerns of some alders, including that the Town of Dunn continues to oppose the annexation of land on the northwest part of the town.

“I don’t like being a bad neighbor,” said Ald. Regina Hirsch (Dist. 3), one of the no voters.

The town previously passed a resolution objecting to the annexation on the grounds that it would be difficult to serve the adjacent property that would remain within Dunn while it would be surrounded by property located within the City of Stoughton.

Hirsch said she was also concerned about the pace of growth in Stoughton and what the Dvorak development would mean for it. Hirsch said the constituents she’d spoken to didn’t want Stoughton to grow exponentially the way Sun Prairie has.

“I think we have enough growth going on,” Hirsch said.

Ald. Matt Bartlett (D-4) called Dvorak “great developers,” and said that not annexing the land for their request would be a “missed opportunity.” Dvorak and his wife, Laura, both realtors listed on, developed the Nordic Ridge subdivision on the city’s southwest side.

“I think if we don’t take advantage of this while we can, it can come back to bite us,” Bartlett said.

Mayor Tim Swadley said despite Dunn’s ongoing objection to the annexation, he thought an understanding had been reached with them.

“We had a good conversation with town officials,” he maintained.

The annexation will need to go before the state Department of Administration before it is finalized, and it could be declared against the public interest if state officials determine its boundaries are not contiguous enough. Towns may challenge annexations in court.

Dunn town clerk Cathy Hasslinger said although the town had submitted its objections to the Department of Administration early in the process, she expected the annexation to ultimately go through.

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