The Stoughton Area school board could be down to eight members for a few months after Jon Coughlin announced Monday night he’s moving out of the district.

Coughlin told the board he bought a house in Janesville and will likely leave the board “early next month.”

Elected in 2015, his seat is up for re-election in April, along with those of Tim Bubon and Steve Jackson, who are running again. Couhglin announced last month he would not seek re-election, and his seat will likely be filled by the only other candidate to turn in paperwork, educational consultant Holly Telander.

In an email to the Hub Tuesday, Coughlin said serving on the board was a “fulfilling privilege.”

“My school board campaign three years ago was my first attempt at growing roots in a community in my adult life,” he wrote. “The Stoughton Area School District is full of caring, ambitious professionals, and I would have been proud to send my own children to Stoughton schools someday.”

School board president Frank Sullivan said the board is going to wait to find out the exact timing of Coughlin’s resignation before deciding whether to appoint someone to temporarily fill the role for a few months or just wait until the election April 7.

“His term was up this spring, anyway, and he wasn’t running, so we’ll see how the timing shakes out and what our statutory obligations are,” he wrote in an email to the Hub.

Sullivan called Coughlin “a good man who works hard, thinks deeply, and says what is on his mind,” and said he brought a valuable perspective to the board as a parent of a young child.

“He and Andrea are examples of the young people Stoughton needs to attract and retain if we are to thrive as a community and a school district,” Sullivan wrote. “They are at the point in their lives where they want to buy a house and put down long-term roots. The fact that they have to leave Stoughton to do it should be a wake up call for the City Council as it continues to discuss the housing developments that we need to keep our community growing in a reasonable, sustainable way.”

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