For more than a decade, non-subscribers to the Courier Hub have been able to access most of our content for free on

Beginning April 1, this will no longer be the case.

All three websites for Unified Newspaper Group’s weekly newspapers – the Hub, the Oregon Observer and the Verona Press – will be behind a paywall, meaning for most of our content, readers will need a subscription.

There will be exceptions, such as important breaking news, some submitted items and stories that are being covered regionally.

Print subscribers will automatically get access with their $48 annual subscription, but for everyone else, the online subscription will cost $5 per month for access to all three websites.

This change will come with improvements to our coverage on the Internet, most notably the posting of more stories before they are in print. There will also be additional content that has previously only been available in our printed newspapers, including opinion columns, police reports, weekly upcoming event listings and history.

Online subscribers will have access to our e-edition – a PDF version of the weekly paper – before it hits the newsstands.

Those who are not subscribers have access to a small sample – two stories per month – as well as some important breaking news. And of course, our social media feeds will continue to provide some information.

But the rest will be for subscribers only.

For information or questions on this change, please feel free to call or email editor Jim Ferolie at or 845-9559.

Email Stoughton Courier Hub editor Jim Ferolie at​