The City of Stoughton received nearly $40,000 this month for its work to make the new public works facility energy efficient.

The money was awarded by Focus on Energy during an event before the June 13 open house at the new facility. Focus on Energy is a statewide energy efficiency and renewable resources program, and according to a news release from the organization, the city and its architect consulted with the program in designing the building.

The energy-efficient equipment will help save the city nearly $44,000 annually, a release from Focus on Energy said. That includes furnaces, boilers, water heating system, LED lighting and occupancy sensors.

“With the financial incentive and more than $44,000 annually in energy cost savings, the energy-efficient equipment will pay for itself in less than seven years,” the release said.

The program offers “energy expertise” and financial assistance to customers of the 107 utilities that fund and participate in the program across the state, which includes Stoughton Utilities. The city has participated in eight Focus on Energy projects since 2013.

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