A walkway in a city greenway on the west side of Stoughton will remain in place despite a request from the owners of a nearby apartment complex to remove it.

The city’s Public Works committee denied a request to remove a footbridge between the properties of Cascade Falls Apartments, 1233 Jackson St., and Subway, 1300 Hamilton St.

PRE/3 Real Estate Management, based out of Brookfield, owns Cascade Falls and was seeking permission to remove the bridge.

The committee decided pedestrian access to the corridor must remain open, public works director Brett Hebert wrote in an email to the Hub.

PRE/3 regional property manager Emily Georgeson wrote in a letter to the city that the bridge does not lead to parks or bike paths and that its removal would help provide a better quality of service for Cascade Falls residents.

“We see crowds of people walking through the community that do not reside here, and unfortunately large amounts of trash gets left behind on the property due to this foot traffic,” she wrote. “We have also received reports from the local police that people will cut through the property via the bridge to avoid them – by the time they get through the side roads over to Jackson Street or Hamilton Street, the individuals can’t be found.”

Hebert told the Hub the city will set up a trash can near the bridge in response to littering in the area, and the public works department will lead efforts to rehab the bridge this winter.