President Trump has revealed his true colors, and they’re not red, white and blue, but simply Trump, Trump and Trump.

In these difficult and volatile times Trump is unabashedly foolish, ignorant and unprincipled, a person who cannot see or comprehend beyond his own greed, personal feeding trough and self-recognition sitting at the executive desk with his own private nuclear hot button. One is reminded of Peter Sellers and the now prescient and classic movie “Dr. Strangelove,” at one time a both comic but frightening comedy, and now appearing to be a lurid and frightening vision of the future.

Trump inherited his wealth from his father, and used it to dodge the draft, lose multi-millions of dollars in business failures and promote his own presidential election plan. And now he runs the government by careening through a dangerous and difficult time for world order and peace by promoting anything and everything with the apparent sole and single minded purpose of inflating his own personal and political grandeur through a series of irresponsible and inflammatory ill-informed and self-promoting decisions. And this at a time when what this world most desperately needs is a calm, wise, and steady influence from its leaders to guide us through numerous and complex issues of world peace, environmental and ecological awareness as global warming looms on the horizon like a worldwide tornado all as the very survival and existence of this unique and complex planet called Earth are at stake. Are we impervious as a world and planet to egregious self-harm and ultimate destruction as our president staffs his government with family members, incompetents, bootlickers and opportunists of several varieties?

A crucial and telling election lies ahead for the U.S., one central to guiding the very future and survival of this unique yet delicate world we live in. Can we really afford to have a self-absorbed and egomaniacal leader like Trump be our guide and leader in these truly crucial times?

A dangerously simple-minded and self-absorbed leader is positioned to lead this delicate world we are attempting to live in responsibly and successfully. It’s the ninth inning, and this country is desperately in need of a home run hitter.

Tom Selsor

City of Stoughton