Stop signs must be abolished!

Stop signs warn us of creeping socialism.

Socialism pretends to help people to a life that is a little better with governmental interference, than it is with liberty.

Stop signs destroy liberty. They force us to stop.

See? Stop signs, and stop lights are red.

Red is communist. That’s socialism!

Green means “go.” That’s liberty. True liberty is green lights. No restraints.

Leave air, or water, or food, or education, health or the unrestrained free flow of money alone!

Kill Obamacare! Climate change is a Chinese hoax.

You will become poor, unable to breathe healthy air, or drink clean water, or eat tainted meat and contract food poisoning, or be ignorant, sick, in traffic crashes or dead.

But you will have liberty!

You think stop signs are harmless, innocent?

Don’t be fooled, America!

Tear up your social security and medicare cards. Your driver’s licenses and your voter IDs before it’s too late!

Corporations become gigantic. The gap between the rich and the poor increases. The middle class vanishes.

Every alcoholic got his start drinking milk. Socialism begins with stop signs. Banish milk! Banish stop signs! Before it is too late!

Cry freedom!

Cry liberty!

Mr. Donald Trump, tear down those stop signs.

Steve Fortney

City of Stoughton