Thank you for publishing the article about officer Paul Kraby and the American Legion Post 59 donation to the Paul Kraby Memorial Fund.

The article did not mention the important contribution that Duane W. Thorsen made to the memory of officer Kraby in 1998, when Duane published “The Chalk Ring.” Duane was a 9-year-old Stoughton boy when Kraby was murdered while on duty. Duane did meticulous research into events leading up to Kraby’s murder in 1934, and also into the 1935 murder trial (held in Stoughton). Duane changed the names of all people and places involved in these events in “The Chalk Ring,” although Stoughton residents could discern actual names of the major characters.

Duane and Stoughton Police Department chief Steve Grady (retired) corresponded, in 2002, about the events surrounding the murder of Kraby. In 2015, chief Grady joined Lt. Jenks and Sgt. Hartwig to arrange an honor guard memorial ceremony at officer Kraby’s grave in Riverside Cemetery.

That memorial service is now an annual event. It takes place at officer Kraby’s grave on the Saturday closest to the date of his murder. Stoughton police officers and relatives of officer Kraby participate in the service. In 2016 Duane Thorsen attended the service and was honored for his contribution to the memory of Paul Kraby.

Never forget.

Christine Milligan-Ciha

City of Stoughton