The Founding Fathers worried about political parties how they might create a divisive partisanship in the politics of the country.

I propose a party that is not a party.

It is called the PERCI. The initials stand for: Pragmatic-progressive, Ecological, Rational, Compassionate and Independent.

These are not policies, but perspectives,.

Advocates of this style are practical-progressive. That rules out walls against Mexico, Canada, everywhere, especially between people, as impractical, expensive, and divisive. The PERCI knows that a graduated tax system, the rule of law, voting free of suppression, and fair districting without gerrymandering is essential to a vitally just democracy. It also avoids ruinous, unnecessary, wars.

PERCIs know that we are embedded in an interconnected nature. And what we do affects the whole. Human behavior creating climate changes imperils our grandchildren. Urgent action is necessary. Now.

PERCIs are ruled by science, evidence, logic and the lessons that canonical, humane art teach us. We accept the scientific consensus evidence of climate change, and the evidence of obstruction described in Volume Two of Mueller’s report—not unscientific so-called creation science nor Barr’s political spin.

PERCIs endorse both Christ’s and the Buddha’s radical egalitarianism, compassion for the poor, the lame, disadvantaged and blind and the need to help them, through personal charitable action and giving, and through protective legislation – like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and more, when needed and necessary to redress among other things, the immorality of wealth inequality.

PERCIs reject ideological thinking such as the Alt and Fundamentalist Right and blind Political Correctness on the Left. We are, therefore, left with a progressive, rational, generous, just, middle way. This all but eliminates one of our current political parties which, in its most recent Trumped iteration, seems to want us poor, submissive, ignorant, voteless, powerless, imprisoned, sick or dead.

We live a quiet life over here in our idyllic neighborhood in Stoughton, with its trim lawns and ancient oak, linden and maple trees and well-kept homes. In those conditions, PERCI seem to come naturally as we test each candidate with these perspectives.

National strife, fake this and that, alternative facts, narcissistic twittering, discord, constant lying, selfish rudeness and blind ideological extremism are to be avoided as choose our candidate. Think PERCI. Apply. Decide. Engage. Vote.

Steve Fortney

City of Stoughton