I am so proud to say I live in Stoughton. Our community is doing so much to become more inclusive and diverse.

Our school district is teaching their teachers to “recognize their whiteness” and the districts shared PPG goal this year is, “Through circles processes, reading, and research, I will increase my understanding of my racial identity, the history and role of race/racism in schools, institutional power, and structural oppression to increase justice for students in SASD.”

Now we also have a wonderful new nonprofit here to help our community embrace inclusion and diversity.

Mosaicos Cultural Enrichment is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Stoughton. Mosaicos’ vision is, “To make Stoughton a welcoming and inclusive community for people from every background, where everyone feels respected and valued and our underrepresented students thrive in school.”

Mosaicos wants all of Stoughton to be included in our community. A big goal of Mosaicos is that “Representation Matters.”

As a parent of brown children and a special needs mom, this makes me so excited and proud of my community. Not all people look the same, not all families look the same, but we are all part of this community.

Our community needs to break the cycle of negative stereotyping by promoting role models of all kinds.

Oleka Parker

City of Stoughton