Nearly 90 percent of my ward, the third, voted in the 2018 midterms. The turnout for the city of Stoughton was equally robust.

Progressive progress here and nationwide became evident on November 6. The creation of a Democratic House represents a beginning to repair what has been described as our flawed democracy.

The business of America is not business. The purpose of the American exceptionalist experiment was and is citizenship — to create a union of free citizens.

A long-term reform and policy effort to improve our democracy is now necessary and includes the following:

• The abolition or modification of the electoral college to improve the rights of the majority in national presidential elections. To protect minority rights is not to sanction minority rule.

• An energetic effort to reverse all voter suppression legislation must then follow.

• The removal of partisan decisions by the states in redistricting to the use of nonpartisan commissions to redistrict after each decade census.

• A redefinition of money as property rather than speech.

• A renewed understanding of the Second Amendment and the largely ignored words in it: “regulation” and “militia;” to allow stronger laws on gun possession.

• The removal of the world “person” from the definition a corporation.

• And, above all, the appointment of a National Manhattan Project on renewable non-carbon based energy, marshaling government, business, scientific research and the effort of all Americans to combat climate change and make safe the lives of our children and grandchildren and beyond.

These reforms, with a reduction of ideological sloganeering in favor of the use of reason and evidence, and a rediscovery of civility in public discourse will be helpful.

Politically correct ranting both from the right and left won’t help.

Steven D. Fortney

City of Stoughton

Editor’s Note

Turnout from registered voters was at 80 percent city-wide, according to city clerk Holly Licht, who provided numbers for each of the district’s voter turnout.

District 1: 80 percent

District 2: 79 percent

District 3: 81 percent

District 4: 81 percent

Total: 80 percent