Town of Dunn Food Cart Night

Carole and Don Schmidt’s prairie will play host to Food Cart Night Wednesday, Aug. 14.

Wildflowers, tall grasses and hand-made metal sculptures will be intertwined with trendy food carts to encourage neighbors in the Town of Dunn get outside and experience the American prairie.

Food Cart Night, 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 14, is smack-dab in the middle Carole and Don Schmidt’s prairie, 4544 Don’s Road, near Sinaiko Park.

In partnership with Groundswell Conservancy, the Schmidt’s and organizers hope the event allows people to see something beautiful and eat tasty food in one of the most threatened ecosystems, said Danni Lang, development and outreach manager at Groundswell.

“One of the (reasons) that sometimes people struggle getting outside--they think they are not a hiker or don’t know how to recreate in those trendy ways that we see at stores or online,” Lang said. “Food carts bridge the gap for people who want to get outside but don’t know how to discover the places in our area that are worth visiting.”

Participants are welcome to hike trails that wind through the prairie or just bring a chair and enjoy food from local carts.

Guests can purchase from; Fast N’ Fresh, known for smoked pulled pork, steak and rice bowls and pork mac-n-cheese; Soho, an Asian-fusion cart with signature dumplings and rice boxes; Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream and Karben4 Brewing.

The Schmidt’s and the Town of Dunn have worked hard to restore the land and American Prairie, Lang said.

“(Residents) want their town to reflect the agricultural beauty and native landscapes,” Lang said. “They tax themselves to protect different landscapes through conservation easements. This event also hopes to highlight that partnership.”

People are encouraged to register online at

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