Classrooms at Stoughton High School are still full of activity this summer, as students use virtual reality goggles to travel to South America where they develop writing, geography and social studies skills.

That class is one of more than 40 offered as part of the Stoughton Area School District 2019 Summer Excel program, which has more than 650 enrollments. For two or four weeks, these free classes offer students opportunities to get a “taste of classes they wouldn’t normally be exposed to,” Chris Keenan, the summer Excel principal said.

Classes for students vary from birding, fencing, podcasting and elementary Spanish to math and literacy. The classes are offered to students going into four-year-old Kindergarten through eighth grade. This year classes are completely free to students and run through July 12.

Summer school teachers are almost always district employees, meaning they are committed to teaching, said Keenan, who has worked in Stoughton school district for 22 years.

“That demonstrates the dedication of the teachers to students and families of this district,” she said.