Christ Lutheran Church lutefisk dinner Dec. 7, 2019.

Two lutefisk master cooks, Thad Everson and Jeff Morgan from the Christ Lutheran Church dinner on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Record participants at CLC lutefisk dinner

Christ Lutheran Church set a new record of 969 participants at their annual Lutefisk Dinner on Saturday, Dec. 7.

The hungry crowd came to the church on 700 County Hwy. B for a traditional Norwegian dinner of white fish, brought from Minneapolis, Minnesota, according to a news release.

At the church’s original location on Main Street, they once served more than 2,000 meals, senior member Phyllis Gullickson said. That location had an even smaller kitchen and seating area, so volunteers were busy serving lutefisk until 9 p.m.

“I remember that kitchen because it didn’t have a dishwasher, that is, unless you counted the young members,” CLC member Bob Kluge said in a news release. “They recruited the young members to wash dishes because the sink had large deep basins that you bent over to wash dishes. In less than an hour, your back was aching but you weren’t even halfway through your shift at that point.”